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        About Us

        About us
        - JCF Overview -

        Xinyu Jingcheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was registered in February 2013 and is located in Yuanhe Economic Development Zone, Yushui District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. It covers an area of 30000 square meters with a total investment of 80 million yuan. At present, it has 85 employees. The company is a production-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in gray iron and nodular iron casting production and CNC precision machining business. After years of development, it has formed a modern enterprise with complete supporting facilities, including mold independent design and production, blank casting, surface electrophoresis and precision machining. Main business direction: auto parts, motor parts, construction machinery parts, wind power generation and rail transit parts. The company's experienced team and perfect supporting facilities, combined with the ERP system process of fine management, will be able to high-quality, efficient operation as the growth of customers take off, to provide a full range of services.

        • 2013
          JCF establish
        • 9
          Industry experience
        • 30,000
          square meter
          Floor area of the enterprise
        • 8,000
          Ten thousand yuan
          total investment
        • 85
          Number of employees
        • 10,500
          Annual production capacity
        Xinyu Jingcheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
        • 介紹
        • 介紹
        • 介紹
        • 介紹
        - Company Culture -
        Management idea
        Meticulously manufacturing, honest operation, continuous improvement, pragmatic innovation
        Corporate vision
        Build a century old enterprise with sustainable operation and become a model of precision processing industry of private enterprises in China
        Corporate mission
        Take the customer as the center, try our best to satisfy the customer's demand and satisfy the customer
        Core values
        Sincerity Innovate Responsibility Value
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